Game Portfolio

iOS and Mac Games we have developed. Want us to help you develop your game?

Fun Bugs

Select from 21 different types of bugs to play on your iPhone or iPad or Mac! Pretty butterflies, creepy bugs, crawly bugs, flying bugs, and moths are all available. Available for iPhone, iPad and MacOS, download Fun Bugs today!

Download: iOS | Mac

Fun Fireworks

Play with fireworks on your screen! Pretty explosions in lots of different colors. Available for iPhone, iPad and MacOS, download Fun Fireworks today!

Download: iOS | Mac

Fun Bubbles

Select your bubble color, speed, and background! Kids and adults love it! Help your child develop their fine motor skills with Fun Bubbles. Now with auto bubbles for younger children!

Download: iOS | iOS lite | Mac

Buoy Master

Are you ready for a fast paced skiing competition? Maneuver around buoys while avoiding the land and dangerous obstacles. Collect coins to earn Boost and purchase upgrades in the boatyard. Unlock exciting new zones. Challenge your friends to become the Buoy Master!

Download: iOS


Ready for some fast paced bubble popping action? Pop the bubbles before they reach the waves. Dynamic levels and power-ups help burst the competition!

Download: iOS | Mac

Fun Shooting Stars

Create and burst stars, or watch them glide slowly to the ground. Play with up to 12 different stars and 9 colors for endless combinations. Full multi-touch support allows you to use all 10 fingers to draw or to play with a friend!

Download: iOS | Mac

Fun Flowers

for toddlers and young children! Let your child create flowers, grow flowers, and pluck them. Select your background and flower color.

Download: iOS | iOS lite | Mac

Fun Eggs

Create bright Easter Eggs for kids! Hold to make big eggs and tap again to create an Eggs-sposion! Select your egg color and choice your background.

Download: iOS | iOS lite